Thomas Aquinas


Saint Thomas Aquinas (l. 1225-1274, also known as the "Ox of Sicily" and the "Angelic Doctor") was a Dominican friar, mystic, theologian, and philosopher, all at once. Although he lived a relatively short life, dying at age 49, Thomas occupied the 13th century with a colossal presence. Physically, Thomas was known to be a very large man. Mentally, his mind was shown to be grand and expansive through his writings and speeches. Thomas wrote and lectured prolifically, traveling across Western Europe by personal request of the Pope as well as to distinguished universities.

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  • 1225 - 1274
    Life of Saint Thomas Aquinas.
  • 1323
    Thomas Aquinas is recognized as a saint.
  • 1567
    Saint Thomas Aquinas is given the title of "Angelic Doctor.".