Nanshe (also known as Nanse, Nazi) is the Sumerian goddess of social justice and divination, whose popularity eventually transcended her original boundaries of southern Mesopotamia toward all points throughout the region in the 3rd millennium BCE. She became one of the most popular deities of the Mesopotamian Pantheon for her selfless devotion to the good of humanity.

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  • 3000 BCE - 2000 BCE
    Nanshe first mentioned, grows in popularity as goddess of social justice and fair commerce.
  • c. 2144 BCE - 2124 BCE
    Reign of Gudea, governor of Lagash, who wrote recorded his dream vision The Building of Ningirsu's Temple, featuring Nanshe.
  • c. 2125 BCE
    Nanshe features prominently in the text The Building of Ningirsu's Temple.
  • 2047 BCE - 1700 BCE
    Ur III Period in which Gudea is worshipped as a god for his piety and Nanshe remains a popular goddess.
  • c. 100 CE - c. 200 CE
    Nanshe's symbol of the fish used by new faith of Christianity.