Mourt's Relation


Mourt's Relation (published 1622 CE) is an account of the first year of the Plymouth Colony founded by the pilgrims who arrived in Massachusetts in November 1620 CE aboard the Mayflower. Its original title was A Relation or Journal of the Beginning and Proceedings of the English Plantation Settled at Plimoth in New England, shortened to Mourt's Relation after the name of the publisher, George Morton (also given as George Mourt, l. c. 1585-1624 CE), a member of the congregation of separatists who made up half the passengers aboard the Mayflower. It was written by two of the leading colonists, William Bradford (l. 1590-1657 CE) and Edward Winslow (l. 1595-1655 CE), both of whom would serve as governors of the colony multiple times.

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