Martin Bucer Timeline

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  • 1491 - 1551
    Life of reformer Martin Bucer.
  • c. 1518
    Martin Bucer converts to Protestant vision after meeting Martin Luther.
  • 1521
    Martin Bucer intervenes in Martin Luther's appearance at the Diet of Worms.
  • 1522
    Martin Bucer marries the former nun Elisabeth Silbereisen.
  • 1523
    Martin Bucer moves to Strasbourg and is taken under care by Matthew Zell.
  • 1529
    Martin Bucer tries to reconcile Luther and Zwingli at the Marburg Colloquy without success.
  • 1530
    Martin Bucer presents his Tetrapolitan Confession at the Diet of Augsburg but is ignored.
  • 1530 - 1548
    Martin Bucer works to reform the church of Strasbourg and becomes the leading theologian of the city.
  • 1548
    Martin Bucer moves to England and becomes professor at Cambridge University.
  • 1551
    Martin Bucer dies of natural causes in England.