Marcello Malpighi


Marcello Malpighi (1628-1694) was an Italian scientist and physician famous for discovering the capillaries of the human circulatory system in 1661 and, as the greatest anatomist of the Scientific Revolution, founding the science of microscopic anatomy and embryology. Malpighi's work was regularly published by the Royal Society, and he was made a fellow of that society in 1668.

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  • 1628 - 1694
    Life of the Italian scientist Marcello Malpighi.
  • 1653
    Marcello Malpighi achieves his doctorate in medicine and philosophy at the University of Bologna.
  • 1656 - 1659
    Marcello Malpighi is Professor of Theoretical Medicine at the University of Pisa.
  • 1659
    Marcello Malpighi is appointed Professor of Medicine at the University of Bologna.
  • 1661
    Marcello Malpighi publishes 'On the Lungs', in which he reveals his discovery of capillaries in the human circulatory system.
  • 1662
    Marcello Malpighi teaches medicine at the University of Messina in Sicily.
  • 1666 - 1691
    Marcello Malpighi runs a medical practice in Bologna.
  • 1668
    Marcello Malpighi is made a fellow of the Royal Society.
  • 1673
    Marcello Malpighi publishes his 'On the Formation of the Chick in the Egg ', the first work in embryology.
  • 1684
    Marcello Malpighi home is burned down by opponents of his work in microscopy.
  • 1686
    Marcello Malpighi publishes a collection of his works.
  • 1691
    Pope Innocent XII appoints Marcello Malpighi his official physician.
  • 30 Nov 1694
    Marcello Malpighi dies in Rome.