Kim Yu-sin


Kim Yu-sin (aka Kim Yushin, 595-673 CE) was a general of the Silla kingdom which ruled south-eastern Korea during the Three Kingdoms Period. Kim would greatly help Silla unify Korea, famously leading a massive army to crush the rival kingdom of Baekje (Paekche) in the 660's CE. His feats won him legendary status in his own lifetime, an elevated position he still enjoys in Korea today.

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  • 57 BCE - 918 CE
    The Silla Kingdom rules in Korea, first as one of the Three Kingdoms and then alone from 668 CE.
  • 595 CE - 673 CE
    The life of famed Korean general Kim Yu-sin.
  • 632 CE - 647 CE
    Reign of Silla queen Seondeok in south-eastern Korea.
  • 660 CE
    The Baekje kingdom in Korea falls to a joint Silla and Chinese Tang Dynasty army and naval attack.