Katharina Zell


Katharina Zell (also known as Katharina Schütz, Katharina Schütz-Zell, l. 1497-1562) was a reformer, theologian, and prolific writer in Strasbourg who helped establish the basic tenets of the Protestant Reformation without advancing sectarian interpretations. She is regarded as the first ecumenical reformer as she accepted and ministered to people of different sects without judgment.

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  • 1497 - 1562
    Life of reformer, theologian, and writer Katharina Zell.
  • 1523
    Katharina Schütz marries clergyman Matthew Zell; one of the first clerical marriages.
  • 1524
    Katharina Zell publishes her open letter, Defending Clerical Marriage.
  • 1525
    Katharina Zell visits military camps during the German Peasants' War advocating for peace.
  • 1527 - c. 1535
    Katharina Zell loses both her young children; focuses on her faith.
  • 1548
    Katharina Zell's husband Matthew dies; he is succeeded by Ludwig Rabus.
  • 1558
    Katharina Zell publishes her open letter to Rabus calling for religious tolerance.
  • 1562
    Katharina Zell dies of natural causes in Strasbourg.