Jeremy Bentham


Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) was an English philosopher and liberal social reformer best known as the founder of utilitarianism based on the greatest happiness principle, that is, rationally judging the success of a law by considering how many people it makes happy. Bentham defined happiness as the presence of pleasure and absence of pain – criteria also applied to define moral behaviour.

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  • 1748 - 1832
    Life of the English philosopher and founder of utilitarianism Jeremy Bentham.
  • 15 Feb 1748
    Jeremy Bentham is born in Spitalfields in London.
  • 1776
    Jeremy Bentham publishes his A Fragment on Government.
  • 1787
    Jeremy Bentham publishes his A Defence of Usury.
  • 1789
    Jeremy Bentham publishes his thoughts on utilitarianism in his Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation.
  • 1791
    Jeremy Bentham publishes his Panopticon.
  • 1800
    Jeremy Bentham publishes his Manual of Political Economy.
  • 1823
    Jeremy Bentham founds the Westminster Review.
  • 6 Jun 1832
    Jeremy Bentham dies in London.