Jamestown Colony of Virginia Timeline

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  • 1607 - 1699
    Jamestown Colony of Virginia becomes the first permanent English colony in North America.
  • 1607 - 1609
    Jamestown Colony of Virginia struggles to survive.
  • 1607
    Jamestown Colony of Virginia founded.
  • 1609 - 1610
    The Starving Time of the Jamestown Colony; colonists are forced to resort to cannibalism.
  • 1610 - 1611
    Jamestown Colony begins to thrive after the introduction of tobacco crop and reorganization of the settlement.
  • 1611 - 1619
    John Rolfe's tobacco blend becomes lucrative cash crop; Jamestown investors become rich.
  • 1611 - 1619
    Systematic removal of native Powhatan tribes from their lands as more colonists arrive in Jamestown from England.
  • 1619
    House of Burgesses is convened; first English representational government in the Americas.
  • 1619
    First African slaves arrive in Jamestown; possibly treated as indentured servants.
  • 22 Mar 1622
    The "Indian Massacre" of the Jamestown colony when the Powhatan Confederacy fights for their land; over 300 colonists killed.
  • 1676
    Bacon's Rebellion; Jamestown is burned in revolt over governor's pro-Native American and early settler's rights.
  • 1699
    Jamestown is abandoned in favor of Williamsburg as colonial capital of Virginia.