Jamestown Colony of Virginia


The Jamestown Colony in Virginia was the first permanent English settlement in North America founded in 1607. It was the third attempt of the Virginia Company of London to establish a permanent trade center in the Americas following the failures of the Roanoke Colony (1587-1590) and the Popham Colony of 1607-1608.

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  • 1607 - 1699
    Jamestown Colony of Virginia becomes the first permanent English colony in North America.
  • 1607 - 1609
    Jamestown Colony of Virginia struggles to survive.
  • 1607
    Jamestown Colony of Virginia founded.
  • 1609 - 1610
    The Starving Time of the Jamestown Colony; colonists are forced to resort to cannibalism.
  • 1610 - 1611
    Jamestown Colony begins to thrive after the introduction of tobacco crop and reorganization of the settlement.
  • 1611 - 1619
    John Rolfe's tobacco blend becomes lucrative cash crop; Jamestown investors become rich.
  • 1611 - 1619
    Systematic removal of native Powhatan tribes from their lands as more colonists arrive in Jamestown from England.
  • 1619
    House of Burgesses is convened; first English representational government in the Americas.
  • 1619
    First African slaves arrive in Jamestown; possibly treated as indentured servants.
  • 22 Mar 1622
    The "Indian Massacre" of the Jamestown colony when the Powhatan Confederacy fights for their land; over 300 colonists killed.
  • 1676
    Bacon's Rebellion; Jamestown is burned in revolt over governor's pro-Native American and early settler's rights.
  • 1699
    Jamestown is abandoned in favor of Williamsburg as colonial capital of Virginia.