Ihara Saikaku

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Ihara Saikaku (1642-1693) was a Japanese poet and novelist who played a leading role in creating the so-called ‘floating world’ (ukiyo-zoshi) genre of popular literature in the 17th century. His work was significant because, in terms of both production and content, it reflected the rise of a commercial economy and a new urban class in the early modern period in Japan.

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  • 1642 - 1693
    Life of the celebrated Japanese poet and author Ihara Saikaku.
  • 1675
    Ihara Saikaku publishes his 'Dokugin ichinichi senku' ('A Thousand Verses Composed Alone in a Single Day'),.
  • 1682
    Ihara Saikaku writes a collection of fictional stories called 'Koshoku ichidai otoko' ('The Man who Loved Love').