Hasdrubal Barca Timeline

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  • c. 244 BCE - 207 BCE
    Life of Hasdrubal Barca.
  • c. 228 BCE
    Hasdrubal is in Spain with Hannibal and their father at Battle of Helice.
  • c. 218 BCE
    Hannibal places Hasdrubal in charge of Carthaginian forces in Spain.
  • 217 BCE
    Hasdrubal defeated by Roman forces at the Ebro River.
  • 215 BCE
    Hasdrubal defeated by Roman forces at Dertossa.
  • 213 BCE
    Hasdrubal deployed from Spain to North Africa to fend off attack on Carthaginian interests by Syphax, an ally of Rome.
  • 211 BCE
    Hasdrubal returns to Spain; defeats Romans at the Battle of the Upper Baetis.
  • 208 BCE
    Hasdrubal defeated by Scipio Africanus at Baecula; leaves Spain to join Hannibal in Italy.
  • 207 BCE
    Hasdrubal Barca is killed at the Battle of the Metaurus in Italy.