Hafez Shiraz


Hafez of Shiraz (also given as Hafiz, l. 1315-1390) is considered the greatest of the Persian poets and among the most famous and admired writers in world literature. He is among the most often translated poets in the present day and his work continues to resonate with modern audiences.

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  • 1315 - 1390
    Life of the Persian poet Hafiz Shiraz, considered the greatest Persian poet and among the greatest in the world.
  • 1358 - 1384
    Reign of Shah Shuja Mozaffari who employed Hafez Shiraz as his court poet and for whom Hafez wrote many of his poems.
  • c. 1387
    Hafez Shiraz meets the great conqueror Timur (Tamerlane) who criticizes but rewards the poet.