Geghard (Armenian: Geghardavank or "monastery of the spear") is a medieval monastery located in Armenia's Kotayk province, deep within the Azat Valley, which was built directly out of an adjacent mountain. Geghard is renown throughout Armenia for its medieval art and architecture, and local traditions associate the site with Saint Gregory the Illuminator (c. 257 – c. 331 CE) who came to the area to found a small Christian chapel in the 4th century CE. Geghard's name attests to the former presence of a spear that supposedly pierced the body of Jesus Christ while he was crucified. This is now kept at Echmiadzin Cathedral in Vagharshapat, Armenia. The complex was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 CE.

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  • c. 1170
    The oldest inscriptions of the Chapel of St Gregory at Geghard monastery, Armenia.
  • c. 1200 - c. 1400
    Geghard is a popular destination for Armenian and Georgian Christians.
  • c. 1215
    Construction of Katoghike, the main church of Geghard is finished.