Franz Liszt


Franz Liszt (1811-1886) was a Hungarian composer of Romantic Music. Liszt first gained international fame as a piano virtuoso, an activity in which he was a pioneer, and then as a composer of piano works and symphonic poems, a form he created. A prolific transcriber of those who went before and a generous supporter of other composers, Liszt made a lasting contribution to the evolution of music.

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  • 1811 - 1886
    Life of the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt.
  • 22 Oct 1811
    Franz Liszt is born in Raiding, then in Hungary but today in Austria.
  • 1822
    Franz Liszt studies in Vienna.
  • 1831
    Franz Liszt hears the great violin virtuoso Niccolò Paganini in Paris and is inspired to become a virtuoso pianist.
  • 1834
    Franz Liszt begins a relationship with Countess Marie d'Agoult.
  • 1837
    Franz Liszt's daughter Cosima is born.
  • 1840 - 1847
    Height of 'Lisztomania' where Franz Liszt causes a sensation giving piano recitals.
  • 1844
    Franz Liszt separates from Countess Marie d'Agoult.
  • 1848
    Franz Liszt takes up his position as the music director of the Weimar ducal court.
  • 1848
    Franz Liszt begins a scandalous relationship with Princess Carolyne Sayn-Wittgenstein.
  • 1848
    Franz Liszt completes his Les préludes symphonic poem.
  • 1849
    Franz Liszt completes his Piano concerto No. 1 and No. 2.
  • 1850
    Franz Liszt completes his Liebesträum piano works.
  • 1853
    Franz Liszt completes his Piano Concerto in E flat.
  • 1854
    Franz Liszt completes his Piano Sonata in B minor.
  • c. 1856
    Franz Liszt completes his Dante Symphony.
  • c. 1857
    Franz Liszt completes his Faust Symphony.
  • 1861
    Franz Liszt leaves Weimar and moves to Rome.
  • 1862
    Franz Liszt completes his oratorio Die Legende von der heilige Elisabeth (Legend of St. Elizabeth).
  • 1865
    Franz Liszt takes minor orders and calls himself the Abbé Liszt.
  • 1867
    Franz Liszt completes his Christus oratorio.
  • 1875
    Franz Liszt establishes a music academy in Pest.
  • 1877
    Franz Liszt completes his Années de pèlerinage - Years of Pilgrimage anthology of piano pieces.
  • 1885
    Franz Liszt completes his quartet of Mephisto Waltzes.
  • 1885
    Franz Liszt completes his collection of solo piano works titled Hungarian Rhapsodies.
  • 31 Jul 1886
    Franz Liszt dies of pneumonia in Bayreuth in Bavaria.