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The Dodekaschoinos (literally "Twelve Cities" in Greek) was the name of a region in Lower Nubia that became an important province of the Ptolemaic Kingdom after it was annexed from Meroitic Nubia by the Egyptian kingdom. The area fell under Roman influence in the 1st century BCE following Egypt's conquest in 30 BCE. Its area extended between the 1st and 2nd Cataracts of the Nile in ancient Kush although parts are within modern-day Egypt.

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  • c. 275 BCE
    Ptolemy II invades the Meroitic Nubian kingdom and annexes Lower Nubia.
  • c. 205 BCE - c. 185 BCE
    Upper Egypt and Lower Nubia secede from the Ptolemaic Kingdom with the support of Meroe. Two Egyptians, Horwennefer and his successor Ankhwennefer are declared as Pharaoh in the now independent territories.