David IV the Builder


David IV the Builder or the Restorer (also known as Davit IV Aghmashenebeli) was the king of Georgia from 1089 to 1125 CE. His long reign was marked by a substantial revival of medieval Georgia, he regained much of Georgia's lost territory and controlled a realm stretching from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea at his death. David's religious, military, and cultural reforms stabilized domestic life in Georgia and established the monastery of Gelati as a major cultural center. It was under David IV that Georgia was unified for the first time in centuries.

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  • 1089 - 1125
    Reign of David IV the Builder over Georgia.
  • 1089
    David IV the Builder ascends to the throne of Georgia.
  • 1099
    David IV the Builder stops paying tribute to the Seljuk Turks.
  • 1103
    The Baghvash family possessions of Kldekari and Trialeti are ceded to the Georgian crown.
  • 1103
    David IV the Builder invades Kakhetia.
  • 1104
    David IV the Builder convenes a church synod at Ruisi.
  • 1105
    Georgian forces under David IV the Builder route the armies of Kakhetia and the Emirate of Ganja at the Battle of Ertsukhi, leading to the reunification of Georgia.
  • 1110
    Georgia captures the city of Shamshvilde.
  • 1115
    Georgia captures the city of Rustavi.
  • 1121
    Georgian forces under David IV the Builder defeat Muslim forces at the Battle of Didgori.
  • 1122
    Georgia captures the city of Tbilisi.
  • 1123
    Georgia annexes half of the Emirate of Shirvan.
  • 1124
    Georgia captures the city of Derbent.
  • 1124
    Georgia captures the city of Ani at the invitation of its Armenian population.
  • 1125
    David IV the Builder dies and is buried in the Gelati Monastery.