Cniva (also given as Kniva, c. 250 CE to possibly 270 CE) was the king of the Goths who defeated Emperor Decius (249-251 CE) at the Battle of Abritus in 251 CE. Little is known of him other than his campaign in 251 CE, in which he successfully took Philipopolis, killing over 100,000 Roman citizens and enslaving survivors, lay siege to the city of Nicopolis, and defeated the Romans under Decius, killing both the emperor and his son.

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  • c. 250 CE - c. 270 CE
    Probable reign of Cniva, King of the Goths.
  • 251 CE
    The Battle of Abritus in which Cniva defeats emperor Decius of Rome and kills him.
  • 270 CE
    Cniva-as-Cannabaudes defeated and killed in battle by emperor Aurelian of Rome.