Cardinal Thomas Cajetan


Cardinal Thomas Cajetan (l.c. 1468-1534) was a Catholic theologian and philosopher best known for his disputations with Martin Luther (l. 1483-1546) beginning in 1518. Cajetan, a philosophical Humanist, was thought to have had the best chance of convincing Luther face-to-face of his errors and, when he failed, devoted himself to refuting Luther in writing.

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  • c. 1468 - 1534
    Life of Cardinal Thomas Cajetan, Catholic theologian and philosopher.
  • c. 1483
    Thomas Cajetan becomes a Dominican monk at the age of fifteen.
  • 1507 - 1522
    Thomas Cajetan publishes his iconic work on the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas.
  • 1508
    Thomas Cajetan is leader of the Dominican Order.
  • 1517
    Thomas Cajetan is made a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • 1518
    Cardinal Thomas Cajetan meets Martin Luther at Augsburg for disputation.
  • 1519 - 1520
    Cardinal Thomas Cajetan contributes to the papal bull Exsurge Domine threatening Martin Luther with excommunication.
  • 1520 - 1530
    Cardinal Thomas Cajetan continues to defend the precepts of the Catholic Church and denounce Protestant sects.
  • 1532
    Cardinal Thomas Cajetan publishes On Faith and Works.
  • 1534
    Cardinal Thomas Cajetan dies of natural causes at Rome.