Brasidas (d. 422 BCE) was an enterprising and successful Spartan general during the early years of the second Peloponnesian War (431-404 BCE) between Athens and Sparta. His successes against the Athenians tilted the balance of the war back towards the Spartans after their disaster at Pylos (425 BCE). Brasidas encouraged a number of revolts against Athens and detached a number of cities, including the important city of Amphipolis, from the Athenian Empire. At the Battle of Amphipolis in 422 BCE he defeated an Athenian army led by Cleon; however, both generals died in the fighting. He was also responsible for Thucydides' change of career from general to historian.

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  • 425 BCE
    Athenians capture Pylos. Spartan general Brasidas is injured in attempting to retake the city.
  • 424 BCE
    Spartan Brasidas' campaign in Thrace.
  • 424 BCE
    Spartan general Brasidas takes Amphipolis, Thucydides failed to prevent this and is exiled.
  • 422 BCE
    The Athenians, led by Cleon, try to retake Amphipolis but are defeated by Brasidas.
  • 422 BCE
    Spartan general Brasidas dies of his wounds at Amphipolis.
  • 422 BCE
    Spartan general Brasidas employs Myrkinian and Chalkidian peltasts to defeat a force of Athenian hoplites at Amphipolis.