Bai Juyi


Bai Juyi (l. 772-846) was one of the greatest poets of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) along with Li Po (l. 701-762) and Du Fu (l. 712-770). He was a government official who got in trouble with authorities a number of times for not following the rules or doing as his superiors thought he should.

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  • 772 - 846
    Life of Bai Juyi, greatest poet of later Tang Dynasty, author of "Song of Everlasting Sorrow".
  • c. 788
    Bai Juyi travels to Chang'an to have poetry reviewed and published.
  • c. 806
    Bai Juyi Publishes "Song of Everlasting Sorrow", his most famous poem.
  • 815
    Bai Juyi exiled for impious poetry.
  • 819
    Bai Juyi serves as Governmental Secretary.
  • 821
    Bai Juyi serves as Prefectural Governor.
  • 822
    Bai Juyi serves as Governor of Hangzhou.
  • c. 831
    Bai Juyi retires to his estate, writes poetry, hosts grand parties.
  • 839
    Bai Juyi suffers stroke.
  • 846
    Bai Juyi dies at his estate.