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Lucius Flavius Arrianus, commonly known as Arrian (86 - c. 160 CE) was a Greek historian, philosopher, and statesman from Nicomedia, capital of the Roman province of Bithynia. Arrian is recognized as one of the most renowned authors of the 2nd-century CE Roman Empire for his extensive works on Alexander the Great (356-323 BCE). Arrian modeled his writing style after the 4th-century BCE philosopher and historian Xenophon. He earned the nickname “the Second Xenophon” thanks to his work Cynegeticus (On Hunting with Dogs), a revision of Xenophon's Cyropaideia, and one source even gives Arrian's full name as Flavius Arrianus Xenophon.

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  • 86 CE - c. 160 CE
    Life of Greek historian Arrian.
  • c. 108 CE
    The historian Arrian studies with Epictetus, records his teachings.