Antonio Vivaldi


Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) was an Italian violin virtuoso and composer of baroque music (c. 1600-1750). Best known for his violin concertos, notably The Four Seasons, Vivaldi made a significant contribution to the evolution of instrumental music, influencing Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) amongst many others, particularly in the concerto form.

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  • 1678 - 1741
    Life of the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi.
  • 4 Mar 1678
    The composer Antonio Vivaldi is born in Venice.
  • 1693
    Antonio Vivaldi begins to study to become a priest.
  • 1703
    Antonio Vivaldi is ordained as a priest.
  • 1709
    Antonio Vivaldi begins to work as a violin teacher in a Venetian orphanage for girls.
  • 1711
    Antonio Vivaldi publishes his 12 concertos L’estro armonico.
  • 1713
    Antonio Vivaldi’s first opera, Ottone in Villa, is first staged in Vicenza.
  • 1716
    Antonio Vivaldi publishes his 12 concertos collectively titled La stravaganza.
  • 1716
    Antonio Vivaldi's cantata Juditha triumphant is published.
  • 1718 - 1720
    Antonio Vivaldi works at the ducal court in Mantua.
  • 1725
    Antonio Vivaldi begins a romantic relationship with the singer Anna Giraud (Girò).
  • c. 1725
    Antonio Vivaldi's Le quattro stagione or The Four Seasons is first published.
  • 1729
    Antonio Vivaldi composes 12 concertos for flute.
  • 1735
    Antonio Vivaldi is appointed the musical director at the Conservatorio Pio Ospedale della Pietà. in Venice.
  • 1737
    Antonio Vivaldi is formally censured by the Church for conduct unbecoming of a priest.
  • 1739
    Antonio vivaldi is invited to compose music for the grand festival n Venice.
  • 28 Jul 1741
    Antonio Vivaldi dies of unknown causes in Vienna.