Amphipolis Timeline

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  • c. 437 BCE
    Athens founds the colony of Amphipolis in northern Macedonia.
  • 424 BCE
    Spartan general Brasidas takes Amphipolis, Thucydides failed to prevent this and is exiled.
  • 422 BCE
    The Athenians, led by Cleon, try to retake Amphipolis but are defeated by Brasidas.
  • 422 BCE
    Spartan general Brasidas dies of his wounds at Amphipolis.
  • 367 BCE
    Amphipolis makes an alliance with the Chalcidian League.
  • 364 BCE
    Macedonian general Perdiccas III successfully defends Amphipolis against Athenian attack.
  • 168 BCE
    Amphipolis falls under Roman control.
  • 500 CE
    Amphipolis becomes an important Christian centre and has four basilicas.