Aegina Timeline

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  • c. 3000 BCE
    Aegina inhabited during Neolithic period.
  • c. 700 BCE
    Coins first minted on the island of Aegina.
  • c. 570 BCE
    First Temple of Aphaia complex built on Aegina.
  • 510 BCE
    Fire Destroys the Temple of Aphaia complex and other structures.
  • c. 501 BCE
    Aegina's culture is at its height.
  • c. 490 BCE - c. 480 BCE
    Supremacy of Aegina's naval fleet. Temple of Aphaia rebuilt.
  • 480 BCE
    Aegina's fleet participates significantly in the Battle of Salamis. Aegina awarded the victory wreath.
  • 459 BCE - c. 456 BCE
    Athens conquers Aegina. Island becomes subject/ally of Athens. Begins to decline.