Why write for us?

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World History Encyclopedia is looking for writers eager for the opportunity to showcase their talents as part of an international team dedicated to providing free access to history via the world’s most-read history publication.

We cover historical subjects on any civilization and topic from the prehistoric period up through the 20th century and are used by high school and college students, history writers, gamers, novelists, as well as anyone with an interest in the subject. We promote mutual understanding worldwide through an appreciation of our shared past and common humanity and we welcome any writers interested in sharing that vision.

Benefits for Contributors

Articles are submitted on an unpaid volunteer basis (all our present staff began as volunteers). Benefits of writing for us as a volunteer include:

  • Writing experience – building up published clips of your work you can use in pitching pieces elsewhere.
  • Worldwide audience of millions – developing name recognition as a writer.
  • Public impact – vast public impact with statistics to prove it to your university or research funding.
  • Honing your skills – learning how to better research, develop, and complete a published article by working with our editorial team.
  • Providing others with the benefit of your knowledge and writing skills.
  • Get history books – writers who contribute regularly receive free history books to support their writing. 
  • Networking with established writers, editors, and proofreaders.
  • Boosting your online presence as your work is shared on social media to millions of followers.
  • Serving as a strong corrective to the vast amount of misinformation on the internet.
  • Engaging in and presenting history as a cohesive tapestry instead of a series of unrelated events to students, unlike how it is often given in history texts or courses.
  • Being a part of something bigger than yourself in sharing your knowledge of history and helping overcome division by eradicating the ignorance that breeds it.
  • Simply having fun as part of a professional, international team of creative people with a shared vision.

So – come write for us! We look forward to welcoming you to the team.

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