The Acropolis, Athens - 3D View

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Lithodomos VR
published on 08 October 2018

From this viewpoint you can see the marbles, but also part of the entrance area behind with the bronze statue of Athena - see it in VR here:

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"The Acropolis, in Athens, is the central fortress and principal sanctuary of Athena, located on top of a natural limestone outcrop. The ancient writer Pausanias noted its prominent cultural and geographic position. Buildings on the site include the Propylaia, Erechtheum, and most importantly, the Parthenon, built between 447 and 432 BCE. Ancient and modern visitors have marvelled at its beauty and grand scale, making it one of the most visited sites in the world. Here, we are in the courtyard of the Chalkotheke where we can see the western pedimento of the Parthenon, the marbles depict Athena’s struggle with Poseidon, while the metopes underneath tell the story of the invasion of Athens by the Amazons (also known as the Amazonomachy)."

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