Pre-Columbian America


Arienne King
by Geo History
published on 29 April 2021

This video is the first of a trilogy about the American continent. We retrace on maps the evolution of Pre-Columbian America since the first settlements until the arrival of Europeans.

English translation & voiceover: Rahul Venkit

Original French version:
Russian version: Coming soon
Arabic version: Coming soon
Spanish version: Coming soon

Music: Higher Powered - Audio Hertz (Youtube Library)

Software: Adobe After Effects

00:00 First origins
01:06 Beringia
01:45 Agriculture
02:29 Sedentarization
03:46 Mesoamerica
05:08 Teotihuacan
06:47 Andean civilizations
08:04 Maya civilization
09:19 Population growth
10:35 Aztec Empire
11:23 Inca Empire

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