Visual Timeline: Levant

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6000 BCE: First fortified settlement at Ugarit.
4000 BCE: Founding of the city of Sidon.
4000 BCE - 3000 BCE: Trade contact between Byblos and Egypt.
2900 BCE - 2300 BCE: First settlement of Baalbek.
2750 BCE: The city of Tyre is founded.
1458 BCE: Kadesh and Megiddo lead a Canaanite alliance against the Egyptian invasion by Thutmose III.
1274 BCE: Battle of Kadesh between Pharaoh Ramesses II of Egypt and King Muwatalli II of the Hittites.
1250 BCE - 1200 BCE: Hebrew tribes settle Canaan.
1200 BCE: Sea Peoples invade the Levant.
1115 BCE - 1076 BCE: Reign of Tiglath-Pileser I of Assyria who conquers Phoenicia and revitalizes the empire.
1080 BCE: Rise of the kingdom of Israel.
1000 BCE: Height of Tyre's power.
965 BCE - 931 BCE: Solomon is king of Israel.
950 BCE: Solomon builds the first Temple of Jerusalem.
722 BCE: Israel is conquered by Assyria.
351 BCE: Artaxerxes III sacks Sidon.
332 BCE: Alexander the Great sacks Sidon.
332 BCE: Alexander the Great sacks Baalbek and renames it Heliopolis.
332 BCE: Conquest of the Levant by Alexander the Great who destroys Tyre.
332 BCE: Alexander the Great besieges and conquers Tyre.
64 BCE: Tyre becomes a Roman colony.
6 BCE - 30 CE: Life of Jesus Christ.
637 CE: Muslim invasion of the Levant. The Byzantines are driven out.
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