Visual Timeline: Zenobia

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240 CE 250 CE 260 CE 270 CE  
240 CE: Zenobia is born.
258 CE: Zenobia is married to Odaenthus of Palmyra.
266 CE - 267 CE: Odaenthus is assassinated.
267 CE: Zenobia rules as Regent in Palmyra.
269 CE: Zenobia invades and conquers Egypt.
270 CE: Zenobia breaks away from Roman Empire to found Palmyrene Empire.
270 CE - 272 CE: Zenobia rules the "breakaway" Palmyrene Empire.
272 CE - 273 CE: Aurelian successfully campaigns against Palmyra.
272 CE: The Battle of Immae between the Roman forces under Aurelian and the Palmyrenes under Zenobia in which Rome triumphed.
273 CE: Zenobia is defeated by Aurelian and brought to Rome.
240 CE 250 CE 260 CE 270 CE