Visual Timeline: Temple

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12000 BCE: Construction of Gobekli Tepe Temple, oldest temple in the world.
4500 BCE: The Sumerians built their first temple.
3500 BCE: Ness of Brodgar in use as religious site in Orkney, Scotland.
950 BCE: Solomon builds the first Temple of Jerusalem.
800 BCE: The site of Delphi first acquires a religious significance.
700 BCE: Sanctuary of Poseidon built at Isthmia.
700 BCE: The temple of Apollo is built on the island of Delos.
650 BCE - 600 BCE: Heraion, temple dedicated to Hera built at Olympia.
650 BCE: The first temple in honour of Apollo is built at Delphi.
570 BCE - 530 BCE: The Doric Temple of Hera is built at Metapontum, Magna Graecia.
550 BCE: The Temple of Hera I is built at Paestum.
550 BCE: The temple of Apollo is constructed at Corinth.
510 BCE: The second temple to Apollo is constructed at Delphi, replacing the first temple destroyed by fire.
510 BCE: The Temple of Athena is built at Paestum.
510 BCE: The temple of Hercules is built at Agrigento.
510 BCE: The Etruscan Portonaccio Temple is constructed at Veii.
484 BCE: The first temple of the Dioscuri (Castor & Pollux) is dedicated in Rome's Forum Romanum by Aulus Postumius following his victory over the Latins at the Battle of Lake Regillus.
480 BCE: The huge temple of Zeus is built at Agrigento.
478 BCE: Temple of Confucius built at Qufu, China.
460 BCE - 457 BCE: Temple of Zeus is built at Olympia with a statue of Apollo dominating the west pediment and containing the cult statue of Zeus by Phidias.
460 BCE: The temple of Hera II is built at Paestum.
450 BCE - 430 BCE: The Temple of Concordia is built at Agrigento.
449 BCE: The Hephaisteion, temple to Athena & Hephaistos, built in Athens.
447 BCE - 432 BCE: The construction of the Parthenon in Athens by the architects Iktinos and Kallikrates under the direction of Phidias.
444 BCE - 440 BCE: Temple of Poseidon at Sounion re-built.
430 BCE: The cult statue of Zeus by Phidias is dedicated in the Temple of Zeus, Olympia. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
425 BCE - 420 BCE: The Temple dedicated to Athena Nike is constructed on the acropolis of Athens.
421 BCE - 406 BCE: The Erechtheion of Athens acropolis is constructed with six Caryatids in the south porch.
420 BCE - 400 BCE: The Temple of Apollo is built at Bassae.
417 BCE: The Doric temple of Segesta is built.
380 BCE - 375 BCE: Temple to Asclepius constructed at Epidaurus.
342 BCE: Fire destroys the 6th century BCE temple to Athena at Lindos, Rhodes and is replaced by a new one.
330 BCE: Temple of Zeus built at Nemea.
330 BCE: The third temple to Apollo is constructed at Delphi, replacing the earlier temple damaged by earthquake.
320 BCE: Temple dedicated to Aphrodite constructed at Epidaurus.
301 BCE - 320 BCE: Doric temple to Athena and fortifications of Lysimachus built at Troy.
225 BCE - 150 BCE: The Temple of Hercules is built at Ostia.
1 CE - 100 CE: Construction of the temple of Jupiter Baal by the Romans at Baalbek.
14 CE: The Temple of Rome and Augustus is built at Ostia.
650 CE - 1025 CE: The Buddhist temple at Borobudur, Java is built during the rule of the Sailendra Dynasty.
1010 CE - 1025 CE: The Brihadishvara Temple is built at Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.
1025 CE - 1000 CE: The Kandariya Mahadeo temple, dedicated to Shiva, is built at Khajuraho.
1122 CE: Construction begins of the Hindu temple at Angkor Wat.
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