Visual Timeline: Sennacherib

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720 BCE 710 BCE 700 BCE 690 BCE  
713 BCE: Zakutu is associated with the crown prince of Assyria Sennacherib.
705 BCE - 681 BCE: Reign of king Sennacherib of Assyria.
705 BCE: Sennacherib moves capital from Dur-Sharrukin to Nineveh.
701 BCE: King Sennacherib of Assyria sacks the city of Lachish in Judah but fails to take the capital Jerusalem.
700 BCE - 698 BCE: Restoration of Nineveh, Sennacherib builds parks and possibly Hanging Gardens.
698 BCE - 694 BCE: War with Elam and Babylon.
694 BCE: Probable date of death of crown prince Ashur-nadin-shumi, heir to the throne.
689 BCE: Sack of Babylon, city is destroyed.
683 BCE: Sennacherib chooses Zakutu's son, Esarhaddon, as his successor.
681 BCE: Sennacherib assassinated by two of his sons.
720 BCE 710 BCE 700 BCE 690 BCE