Visual Timeline: Sardis

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687 BCE - 546 BCE: Mermnad dynasty rules Lydia.
687 BCE - 652 BCE: King Gyges rules Lydia and expands its borders. Sardis becomes Lydian capital.
609 BCE - 560 BCE: Reign of Alyattes of Lydia. Minting of first coins made from electrum.
560 BCE - 547 BCE: Reign of Croesus of Lydia.
499 BCE - 494 BCE: Ionian cities rebel against Persian rule.
498 BCE: Ionians and Greek allies invade and burn Sardis (capital of Lydia).
334 BCE: Sardis surrenders to Alexander the Great.
334 BCE: Alexander invades the Persian empire.
280 BCE: Lydia becomes a part of the Seleucid Empire.
133 BCE: Lydia and its captial Sardis comes under Roman rule.
17 BCE: An earthquake destroys 12 cities in Lydia and affects Sardis.
616 CE: Sardis' civc life comes to an end. A Persian army penetrates the Roman defensive lines that had been deployed in eastern Anatolia. Soon after, part of that region falls to the Persians, including Sardis.
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