Visual Timeline: Macedon

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437 BCE: Athens founds the colony of Amphipolis in northern Macedonia.
364 BCE: Macedonian general Perdiccas III successfully defends Amphipolis against Athenian attack.
360 BCE: Traditional founding date of Philippi in Macedon with its original name as Crenides.
359 BCE - 336 BCE: Reign of Philip II of Macedon.
359 BCE: Phillip II takes throne of Macedonia.
357 BCE: Marriage of Olympias to Philip II of Macedonia.
357 BCE: Philip II of Macedon renames the Macedonian city of Crrenides after himself: Philippi.
356 BCE: Birth of Macedonian commander Hephaestion.
347 BCE: Athenian orator Demosthenes is sent on a diplomatic embassy to the court of Philip II of Macedon.
343 BCE: King Philip II of Macedon summons Aristotle to tutor his young son Alexander (later 'The Great').
342 BCE: Demosthenes is charged with organising a league of Greek city-states for war against Macedon.
340 BCE: Macedon funds the building of a large temple on Samothrace.
339 BCE: Philip II of Macedon fights the Scythians.
336 BCE: Marriage of Olympias' brother Alexander to her daughter Cleopatra.
334 BCE - 324 BCE: Antipater is regent of Macedon in Alexander's absence.
324 BCE: Death of Macedonian commander Hephaestion.
319 BCE: Death of Antipater, regent of Macedon.
316 BCE: Death of Olympias, mother of Alexander the Great.
316 BCE: Thessalonica is founded by Cassander.
310 BCE: Assassination of Roxanne and Alexander IV, wife and son of Alexander the Great.
305 BCE - 297 BCE: Cassander is self-proclaimed king of Macedon.
294 BCE - 288 BCE: Demetrius I rules as king of Macedon.
288 BCE: Pyrrhus of Epirus becomes ruler of Macedon.
288 BCE: When his army deserts him Demetrius I flees Macedon.
284 BCE: Lysimachus drives Pyrrhus out of Macedon.
273 BCE: Pyrrhus of Epirus attacks Macedon and Sparta.
225 BCE: Macedonians bring an army across the Isthmus to face another Achaian force trying to take Corinth.
222 BCE: The Achaean League and Antigonos III of Macedon defeat Sparta at Sellasia.
214 BCE - 205 BCE: First Macedonian War: Rome defeats Philip V of Macedon.
203 BCE: The Seleucid king, Antiochus III Megas signs a treaty with Philip V of Macedon to divide Egypt and its overseas possessions between them.
200 BCE - 196 BCE: Second Macedonian War: Roman victory.
197 BCE: Romans are victorious over Philip V of Macedon at Cynoscephalae.
172 BCE - 168 BCE: Third Macedonian War: Perseus of Macedon challenges Rome and is defeated.
168 BCE: Romans defeat Perseus of Macedon at Pydna.
150 BCE: Macedonia becomes a Roman province.
146 BCE: Thessalonica is made the captial of the Roman province of Macedon.
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