Visual Timeline: Hadrian

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76 CE - 138 CE: Life of Emperor Hadrian.
100 CE: Hadrian marries Vibia Sabina.
117 CE - 138 CE: Rule of the Roman Emperor Hadrian who supports great building projects in and around the Agora of Athens.
117 CE: Roman emperor Hadrian grants independence to the Kingdom of Armenia.
117 CE - 138 CE: Reign of Roman Emperor Hadrian.
118 CE: Hadrian returns to Rome. Execution of the four consulars.
118 CE - 121 CE: Beginning of the works of Hadrian's villa at Tivoli.
121 CE - 125 CE: First trip of Hadrian around the Empire: Gaul, Germania, Noricum, Britain, Cappadocia, Galatia, Bithynia, Asia, Greece, Moesia, Dacia, and Pannonia.
122 CE: Construction begins on Hadrian's Wall.
123 CE: Hadrian meet Antinous in Bithynia.
124 CE: Roman emperor Hadrian visits Lydia.
127 CE: The Baths of Hadrian at Lepcis Magna are completed.
128 CE: Hadrian visits Sicilia and Africa. He inspects the African army and gives the Lambesis speech.
128 CE - 134 CE: Hadrian travels to Greece, Anatolia, Syria, Judea, Arabia, Egypt and goes back via Greece.
130 CE: Death of Antinous, Hadrian's beloved, in Egypt.
132 CE - 136 CE: The Bar-Kochba Revolt.
136 CE: Adoption of L. Aelius Caesar by Hadrian.
138 CE: Death of L. Aelius Caesar.
138 CE: Adoption of Antoninus Pius by Roman emperor Hadrian.
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