Visual Timeline: Galatia

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278 BCE: The Galatians are invited over into Anatolia by Nicomedes I of Bithynia to help fight against the forces of Pontus.
261 BCE: Antiochus I Soter of the Seleucid Empire killed in battle against the Galatians at Ephesus in Asia Minor.
246 BCE: Galatians defeat Seleucus II in a battle near Ancyra.
237 BCE - 241 BCE: Attalus I of Pergamon defeats the Galatians at the headwaters of the Caioc River.
232 BCE: Attalos I defeats the Galatians a second time.
228 BCE: Ziaelas, king of Bythinia, is killed by Galatian generals at a feast in a fool's game.
218 BCE: The Aegosages Celts enter Anatolia under Attalos of Pergamon.
200 BCE: The main centers of the Galatians are known as capitols of the three main tribes: Ankyra to the Tectosages, Tavium to the Trocmi, and Pessinus to the Tolistoboii.
191 BCE: Antiochus III and his army, including many Galatians, are defeated by Rome at Magnesia.
189 BCE: Manlius Vulso attacks the Galatians for fighting alongside Antiochus III and scores two victories in Galatia at Mount Magaba and Mount Olympus.
88 BCE: Mithradates V commits the 'Massacre of the Tetrarchs', killing nearly all of the 60 Galatian chiefs to dine with him. Deiotaros survives.
74 BCE: Deiotaros drives out Zeumachus, Mithradates appointed governor of Galatia.
64 BCE: Galatia becomes a client state of Rome.
25 BCE: Galatia is peacefully absorbed into the Roman Empire.
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