Visual Timeline: Cimon

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510 BCE - 450 BCE: Life of Athenian statesman and general Cimon.
480 BCE: Future Athenian general Cimon fights in the battle of Salamis
479 BCE: Future Athenian general Cimon is sent on a diplomatic mission to Sparta.
476 BCE - 463 BCE: Delian League operations are led by Athenian commander Cimon
475 BCE: Athenian general Cimon drives the Dolopian pirates out of the Aegean island of Scyros.
475 BCE: Athenian general Cimon defeats Spartan general Pausanias and takes Byzantium.
475 BCE: Cimon captures Eion in Thrace for Athens.
466 BCE: Athenian general Cimon twice defeats the Persians at Eurymedon on the southern coast of Asia Minor.
465 BCE - 463 BCE: Athenian general Cimon conquers Chersonesus in Thrace and the north-Aegean island of Thasos.
463 BCE: Pericles leads a prosecution of Cimon on charges of corruption but he is acquitted.
461 BCE: Cimon is voted in an ostracism in Athens and exiled from the city.
450 BCE: Athenian general Cimon dies on Cyprus fighting the Persians.
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