Visual Timeline: Amun

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2400 BCE - 2300 BCE: Amun first mentioned in the Egyptian work known as The Pyramid Texts.
1570 BCE - 1069 BCE: Amun rises in prominence in Egypt as the most powerful king of the gods during the New Kingdom.
1570 BCE: Ahmose I of Thebes drives the Hyksos from Egypt and unifies the nation under Theban rule, ushering in the New Kingdom of Egypt and attributing his victory to Amun.
1353 BCE: Amenhotep IV changes his name to Akhenaten, establishes the monotheistic cult of Aten, banishes other cults especially that of Amun.
1336 BCE: Tutankhamun re-establishes the old Egyptian religion after the death of Akhenaten; cult of Amun resumes.
331 BCE: Alexander the Great declares himself the Son of Zeus-Ammon at Siwa Oasis.
285 BCE: King Ergamenes slaughters the priests of Amun at Napata, breaks with Egypt.
415 CE: Cult of Amun proscribed by the new religion of Christianity.
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