Visual Timeline: Yazdegerd III

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600 CE 610 CE 620 CE 630 CE 640 CE 650 CE  
602 CE - 628 CE: Kosrau II's wars with Byzantine Empire which weakened Sassanian Empire and led to civil war.
628 CE - 632 CE: Civil war among Sassanian political factions further weakens the empire.
632 CE - 651 CE: Reign of Yazdegerd III, the last king of the Sasanian Empire.
636 CE: Battle of al-Qadisiyya.
642 CE - 651 CE: Yazdegerd III flees invading Muslim Arab forces while trying to mobilize troops to defend his realm.
651 CE: Yazdegerd III assassinated; fall of the Sassanian Empire.
600 CE 610 CE 620 CE 630 CE 640 CE