Visual Timeline: William III of England

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1650 CE 1660 CE 1670 CE 1680 CE 1690 CE 1700 CE  
1650 CE: William of Orange (future William III of England) is born in Binnerhof Palace, The Hague.
1677 CE: Princess Mary (future Mary II of England) marries William, Prince of Orange.
1678 CE: A peace treaty is signed between France and the Netherlands.
1688 CE - 1697 CE: The Nine Year’s War between France and the Netherlands, Holy Roman Empire, and Britian.
1688 CE: A group of seven prominent Protestants invite William of Orange to become king of England.
1688 CE: William of Orange lands an invading army in southern England.
1688 CE: Parliament declares James II of England's abdication date as this day when he left English shores.
1689 CE - 1702 CE: Reign of William III of England.
1689 CE - 1694 CE: Reign of Mary II of England (ruled jointly with William III).
1689 CE: Parliament formally decrees the new joint monarchs of William III of England and Mary II of England.
1689 CE: William III of England and Mary II of England jointly accept the Scottish crown.
1689 CE: Viscount Dundee defeats a pro-William army at Killiecrankie in Scotland.
1689 CE: William III of England establishes control of Scotland with victory at the battle of Dunkeld.
1689 CE: A Jacobite army led by ‘Bonnie’ Dundee is defeated at Dunkeld in Scotland. Dundee is killed.
1689 CE: Parliament issues a Bill of Rights, which establishes a constituional monarchy in England, Scotland, and Ireland.
1690 CE: William III establishes his rule over Ireland with victory against James II at the battle of Boyne.
1692 CE: Leaders of the MacDonald clan (Jacobite supporters) are massacred at Glencoe by the Campbells.
1694 CE: Mary II of England dies in Kensington Palace.
1696 CE: William III of England survives a kidnap and assassination attempt by Jacobite sympathisers.
1697 CE: The Civil List Act, which sets the funds available to the British monarchy.
1697 CE: The Treaty of Ryswick ends the Nine Years' War.
1702 CE: William III of England dies at Kensington Palace after falling from his horse.
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