Visual Timeline: William Bradford

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1590 CE 1600 CE 1610 CE 1620 CE 1630 CE 1640 CE 1650 CE  
1590 CE - 1657 CE: Life of William Bradford, 2nd Governor of the Plymouth Colony.
1590 CE: William Bradford is baptized at St. Helena's Church in Austerfield, England.
1597 CE: William Bradford lives with his uncle after his mother's death; reads the Bible and embraces the Puritan vision.
1607 CE: William Bradford leaves England with the rest of the congregation for the Netherlands.
1613 CE: William Bradford marries Dorothy May of the congregation; couple has one son, John.
1620 CE: William and Dorothy Bradford leave Europe with the congregation for North America; John remains behind.
1620 CE: William Bradford is the second person to sign the Mayflower Compact establishing a democratic government for the Plymouth Colony.
1620 CE: Dorothy Bradford drowns off the coast of Massachusetts.
1621 CE: William Bradford is elected Governor of Plymouth Colony after the death of John Carver.
1623 CE: William Bradford marries his second wife, Alice Southworth; the couple have three children.
1657 CE: William Bradford dies of natural causes at Plymouth Colony.
1590 CE 1600 CE 1610 CE 1620 CE 1630 CE 1640 CE 1650 CE