Visual Timeline: Viking Ships

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4000 BCE - 2300 BCE: Depictions of ships in stone (in burial settings) and metal found in Scandinavia.
350 BCE: Hjortspring boat - the earliest known plank-built Scandinavian vessel.
350 CE - 400 CE: The Nydam Ship built, first able to easily travel long distance overseas.
700 CE: Sails first begin to appear on Viking ships towards the end of the 7th century CE.
790 CE - 1100 CE: The Viking Age.
820 CE: The approximate construction date of the Oseberg Viking Ship.
900 CE: The approximate construction dates of the Gokstad and Tune Viking Ships. .
900 CE: Increased specialisation in Viking ships visible from the 10th century CE onward; notably cargo ships & longships.
1025 CE: The Hedeby Viking cargo ships.
1025 CE: The Roskilde 6 Viking longship - the longest known longship - dated to after 1025 CE.
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