Visual Timeline: Thomas Morton

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1579 CE - 1647 CE: Life of poet, writer, lawyer, and colonist Thomas Morton, founder of Merrymount Colony in North America.
1617 CE - 1622 CE: Thomas Morton marries Alice Miller; is engaged in lawsuit brought by her son.
1622 CE - 1623 CE: Thomas Morton abandons his wife and his life in accepting a mission from Sir Ferdinando Gorges to go to North America.
1624 CE: Thomas Morton leaves England to found a colony in North America along with Captain Richard Wollaston at the direction of Sir Ferdinando Gorges.
1626 CE: Thomas Morton drives Captain Wollaston from the colony of Mount Wollaston; founds new colony of Merrymount.
1626 CE - 1628 CE: Merrymount Colony, under Thomas Morton, becomes the most lucrative and fastest-growing settlement in New England.
1628 CE: Thomas Morton is arrested by Myles Standish of Plymouth Colony and marooned on an island; he later makes his way back to England.
1629 CE: Thomas Morton returns to North America as a clerk for Isaac Allerton of Plymouth Colony; he is arrested and sent back to England.
1630 CE - 1633 CE: Thomas Morton sues Plymouth Colony and Massachusetts Bay Colony to have their charters revoked; legal briefs of the lawsuit become the drafts of his book New English Canaan.
1637 CE: Publication of Thomas Morton's 3-Volume work New English Canaan.
1642 CE - 1644 CE: Thomas Morton returns to the English colonies of North America; is arrested and jailed at Boston.
1645 CE: Thomas Morton is released from prison owing to declining health.
1645 CE - 1647 CE: Thomas Morton lives among friends in York, Maine until his death.
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