Visual Timeline: Thomas Cavendish

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1560 CE 1570 CE 1580 CE 1590 CE  
1560 CE - 1592 CE: Life of the Elizabethan mariner, privateer and explorer Thomas Cavendish.
1586 CE - 1588 CE: Thomas Cavendish circumnavigates the globe, only the third man to do so.
1587 CE: The English privateer Thomas Cavendish captures the Manila galleon Great Saint Anna (actually a carrack).
1588 CE: Thomas Cavendish is the first Englishman to land at Saint Helena.
1591 CE - 1592 CE: Thomas Cavendish's attempt at a second circumnavigation of the globe ends in his death at sea.
1560 CE 1570 CE 1580 CE 1590 CE