Visual Timeline: Thessaly and the Duchy of Neopatras

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1267 CE: The independent state of Thessaly is established under John I Doukas.
1267 CE - 1289 CE: Reign of John I Doukas in Thessaly.
1277 CE: Attempted Byzantine invasion of Thessaly.
1282 CE: Attempted Byzantine invasion of Thessaly failed due to the death of Michael VIII Palaiologos.
1289 CE - 1303 CE: Reign of Constantine Doukas in Thessaly.
1289 CE - 1299 CE: Reign of Theodore Doukas in Thessaly.
1295 CE: Byzantine Emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos grants the title of sebastokrator to Constantine and Theodore Doukas of Thessaly.
1303 CE - 1318 CE: Reign of John II Doukas in Thessaly.
1309 CE: Walter of Brienne, Duke of Athens, engages the Catalan Company to bring Thessaly under Athenian control.
1311 CE: Battle of Halmyros: the Catalan Company defeats and kills Walter of Brienne, Duke of Athens.
1318 CE: Dissolution of Thessaly upon the death of John II Doukas.
1319 CE - 1394 CE: Duchy of Neopatras, under the Duchy of Athens.
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