Visual Timeline: Romanos IV Diogenes

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1060 CE 1070 CE  
1068 CE - 1069 CE: Romanos IV Diogenes skirmishes with Seljuk Turkish raiders in Anatolia and Armenia.
1068 CE: Romanos IV Diogenes marries the widowed Empress Eudokia and becomes Byzantine emperor.
1071 CE - 1072 CE: Byzantine civil war between Romanos IV Diogenes and Michael VII Doukas.
1071 CE: Romanos IV Diogenes is dethroned by the Doukas Dynasty after the Battle of Manzikert, resulting in a civil war between the two factions.
1071 CE: Battle of Manzikert.
1072 CE: Romanos IV Diogenes dies from being blinded by soldiers under the ruling Doukas Dynasty.
1060 CE 1070 CE