Visual Timeline: Rollo of Normandy

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860 CE 870 CE 880 CE 890 CE 900 CE 910 CE 920 CE 930 CE  
860 CE - 930 CE: Life of Rollo of Normandy.
876 CE: As a Viking Chieftain, Rollo destroys region of Rouen, Francia.
876 CE: Viking raids involving Rollo.
885 CE - 886 CE: Rollo as Viking Chieftain raids and lays siege to Paris.
911 CE - 927 CE: Reign of Rollo of Normandy.
911 CE: Treaty of Saint Clair sur Epte between Charles the Simple and Rollo; establishes Normandy, ends Viking raids on the Seine.
918 CE: Further land granted to Rollo for defense of the kingdom.
923 CE: After establishing law and order in Normandy, Rollo campaigns with King Charles.
927 CE: Rollo retires and is succeeded by his son William Longsword. .
930 CE: Rollo of Normandy dies of natural causes, probably at his capital of Rouen.
860 CE 870 CE 880 CE 890 CE 900 CE 910 CE 920 CE