Visual Timeline: Queen Tamar

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1170 CE 1180 CE 1190 CE 1200 CE 1210 CE  
1178 CE: Tamar is crowned queen of Georgia by her father, George III of Georgia (Giorgi III).
1184 CE - 1213 CE: Reign of Queen Tamar over the Kingdom of Georgia.
1184 CE: Tamar becomes sole monarch of Georgia.
1185 CE: Tamar calls a church synod to try and overthrow Catholicos Mikel Marianisdze.
1188 CE: Tamar’s marriage with Yuri Andreevich Bogolyubsky is annulled.
1192 CE: Tamar gives birth to the future George IV of Georgia (Giorgi IV).
1193 CE: The Georgian army defeats Yuri Andreevich Bogolyubsky, the ex-husband of Tamar, for good.
1195 CE: Georgian forces under David Soslan defeat the combined Muslim armies at the Battle of Shamkor.
1202 CE: Georgian forces under David Soslan defeat the Seljuk army at the Battle of Basiani.
1204 CE: Empire of Trebizond is founded by Alexios I Megas Komnenos and his brother David, with help from their aunt, Queen Tamar of Georgia.
1206 CE: Georgian forces under Tamar occupy the Armenian cities Erzurum and Kars.
1207 CE: Tamar of Georgia’s husband, David Soslan, dies.
1209 CE: The Sultan of Ardabil sacks the Georgian-held Armenian city of Ani.
1213 CE: Queen Tamar of Georgia dies.
1170 CE 1180 CE 1190 CE 1200 CE 1210 CE