Visual Timeline: Ottoman Empire

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1299 CE - 1326 CE: Reign of Osman I.
1326 CE: Prusa (Bursa) falls to Ottoman control shortly after Osman's death; it becomes the capital of the Ottoman Empire.
1326 CE - 1362 CE: Reign of Orhan, as the second sovereign of the Ottoman Empire.
1361 CE: Adrianople (Edirne) falls to Prince Murad, the son of Orhan, later Murad I.
1362 CE - 1389 CE: Murad I rules as the sovereign of the Ottoman Empire and brands himself as a sultan.
1389 CE: Murad I defeats a European coalition army led by the Serbians at the Battle of Kosovo but dies at the climax of battle.
1389 CE - 1402 CE: Bayezid I rules as the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
1396 CE: The Battle of Nicopolis, aka the Nicopolis Crusade, where a western Christian army is defeated by the Ottoman Turks.
1402 CE: Bayezid I is defeated by the forces of Timur at the Battle of Ankara and is captured.
1402 CE - 1413 CE: Ottoman Interregnum; Mehmed I emerges victorious.
1421 CE - 1451 CE: Reign of Murad II.
1444 CE: Murad II resumes defeats Crusader forces at the Battle of Varna.
1451 CE - 1481 CE: Mehmed II rules as the Sultan.
1453 CE: Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II sacks Constantinople.
1475 CE - 1783 CE: Crimean Tatars serve as vassals to the Ottomans.
1481 CE - 1512 CE: Reign of Bayezid II.
1512 CE: Selim I deposes his father Bayezid II.
1512 CE - 1520 CE: Reign of Selim I; the Ottoman Empire doubles in size.
1514 CE: Battle of Chaldiron; Selim I defeats the army of the Safavid Shah Ismail I.
1516 CE - 1517 CE: Selim I conquers the Mamluk Sultanate, taking Syria, Palestine, Hejaz and Egypt. Ottoman Sultanate declares itself as a Caliphate.
1520 CE - 1566 CE: Reign of Suleiman the Magnificent.
1521 CE: Belgrade falls to the Ottomans.
1523 CE: Suleiman conquers Rhodes.
1526 CE: Battle of Mohacs; Suleiman I defeats the Hungarian field army under Louis II.
1529 CE: Ottomans fail to take Vienna.
1566 CE: Suleiman I dies while campaigning in Hungary.
1566 CE - 1574 CE: Reign of Selim II.
1570 CE: Ottomans conquer Cyprus.
1571 CE: Battle of Lepanto; the Ottoman navy is defeated by the Holy League.
1596 CE - 1609 CE: Celali revolts throughout Anatolia.
1669 CE: Crete falls to the Ottoman Sultanate.
1683 CE: Ottomans fail to take Vienna for the second time.
1699 CE: Treaty of Karlowitz.
1789 CE - 1807 CE: Reign of Selim III.
1826 CE: Conservative Jannisary corps are disbanded.
1839 CE - 1876 CE: Tanzimat reforms are introduced.
1876 CE - 1878 CE: First Constitutional Era of the Ottoman Empire.
1876 CE - 1909 CE: Reign of Abdul Hamid II.
1908 CE - 1920 CE: Second Constitutional Era of the Ottoman Empire.
1909 CE: Abdul Hamid II is deposed by the Young Turks party.
1914 CE - 1923 CE: Armenian population of Anatolia is subjected to genocide.
1918 CE: The Ottoman Empire is defeated in World War I.
1922 CE - 1924 CE: Abdulmejid II serves the office of the Caliphate only, as a symbolic figure.
1923 CE: The Republic of Turkey declares independence under Mustafa Kemal.
1924 CE: Mustafa Kemal abolishes the institute of Caliphate.
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