Visual Timeline: Olympia Fulvia Morata

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1520 CE 1530 CE 1540 CE 1550 CE  
1526 CE - 1555 CE: Life of scholar, poet, writer, and religious reformer Olympia Fulvia Morata.
1538 CE: Olympia Fulvia Morata is fluent in Greek and Latin by age twelve.
1540 CE: Olympia Fulvia Morata is a court companion of Anna d'Este in Ferrara, Italy where she learns about the Protestant Reformation.
1546 CE: Olympia Fulvia Morata converts to the Protestant vision of Christianity.
1550 CE: Olympia Fulvia Morata marries the German physician Andreas Grundler and leaves Italy for Germany.
1553 CE: Olympia Fulvia Morata and her family flee Schweinfurt during Second Margrave War; her manuscripts and books are lost.
1554 CE: Olympia Fulvia Morata and her family arrive in Heidelberg where she continues her writing.
1555 CE: Olympia Fulvia Morata dies, possibly of plague or tuberculosis, at Heidelberg.
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