Visual Timeline: Odoacer

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430 CE 440 CE 450 CE 460 CE 470 CE 480 CE 490 CE  
433 CE - 493 CE: Life of Odoacer.
463 CE: Odoacer fights as solder in Roman army against Visigoths.
470 CE: Odoacer is an officer in the Roman Army.
476 CE: Odoacer defeats Orestes for control of the armies of Italy.
476 CE: The Battle of Ravenna, at which Odoacer's forces defeat those of Rome. Emperor Romulus Augustulus is deposed. Odoacer becomes king of Italy.
476 CE - 493 CE: Reign of Odoacer as King of Italy.
480 CE: Odoacer invades Dalmatia.
487 CE: Odoacer invades the Danube Valley, Rugii Wars.
488 CE - 493 CE: Theodoric the Goth's invasion of Italy and battles with Odoacer.
493 CE: Odoacer is assassinated by Theodoric; Theodoric now becomes King of Italy.
430 CE 440 CE 450 CE 460 CE 470 CE 480 CE